Sunday, September 13, 2009

Making friends and new memories

I recently started high school, and for most people starting high school isn't a big deal. For me it was huge! I am going to a brand new school that just opened this year, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to make friends very quickly, but I was wrong! I love my school and everyone that goes there! I tried out for the high schools cheer team before school started, made the team and also got the title of Captain! Since there are only two grade levels at my school right now, we thought it would make sense to have two captains, the other captain I have become very close to and will be friends with for a very long time! I love my team, we might not be the best just quite yet, but I know that eventually we will get there! Recently we have done a few team bonding activities, I hosted a cheer party for our team, we volunteered at a local thrift store, helping the workers dress manikins, clean windows, sort clothes and sweep floors, we also had a team dinner at Red Robin. We will be doing many more things to not only help the community but also to help our team! We had our first home JV football game last week and we cheered there. We all love cheering, being a part of a team and just being involved!

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