Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Coming '09

This is my high schools first year being open, so we don't have homecoming yet because there isn't anything or anyone to come home to. Therefor, we celebrate it as new coming! This was our second dance this year, but this dance was very fun and important. My friendsand I were all looking forward to it from the very beginning of school. The theme of the dance was 80's so we all wanted to go 80's and get all "decked out." We had a football game in Hemmet about three weeks before the dance, and on our way home from the game we saw a HUGE forever 21! My mom was driving me and my two friends, and as soon as we saw the store we new instantly we would find our new coming dresses there! My mom asked if we wanted to go, and we of course said yes! We ended up spending four hours in one store! We all three found our dresses and went home. From there new coming just got better and better! We were super duper excited!!! Then, the Tuesday before the dance, I got asked by the guy that I have liked for a while. I said yes :) we had a great time, and I can't wait until the next dance!!!

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